Spherical Copper Powder, >99.3%

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Our high purity copper powder is perfect for printing various copper based alloys. 

Spherical copper powders are manufactured using a highly controlled air atomization process in modern facilities. They exhibit good sphericity, low oxygen (O), and low lead (Pb) content.

We sell it in 1.5kg increments, so for example to get 15 kg add quantity 10 to your cart. Please contact us if you're interested in more specific granule sizes.

Location of Manufacture
Rochdale, England
Copper, Cu, #29
Apparent Density (g/cc)
Flow (seconds) 12


Granulometry (for unfiltered variant)

 B.S.S. Mesh Microns Results (%/Weight)
100 >150 0.3
150 >106 13.7
200 >75 29.9
350 >45 27.8
-350 <45 28.3


Composition Analysis

Results (%/Weight)
Copper (Cu) 99.64
Phosphorus (P)
Oxygen (O) 0.05